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UMHOA Meeting Notes for 10/2/14 @ 7pm

President, Chris Overton called the meeting to order at 7:10 at the home of Monica & Scott Snowden.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Joel Sequeira, reviewed the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, and A/R Aging Summary. We have $2906 in assets currently and our expenses continue to be low. Expenses mainly consist of insurance, common area mowing, and the Labor Day party. There are only 2 homeowners that have not paid dues, for a total outstanding amount of $90.

Secretary’s Report: Monica Snowden, Secretary, pointed out the copies of the meeting minutes from the 2013 meeting and asked for a motion to be approved. Ian Worrell motioned to approve the minutes from the 2013 meeting, and Chris Williams seconded the motion. Chris Overton called for a vote, and all approved the minutes as presented.

Monica noted that she keeps the most updated contact list and if anyone ever needs a copy, they can email her.

Website Updates: Chris Williams reviewed some of the features of the website and asked for any pictures for the page from recent events, or neighborhood pictures. There was discussion among members about adding a page to the website for recommended contractors.

Architectural Review Board: Ben Short presented on behalf of the ARB. He noted the letter that was sent along with the meeting flyer that reviewed upkeep of our properties. The ARB will meet soon and discuss what the next plan of action is to correct violations.
Ben mentioned there were 2 architectural change requests since the last meeting-from the Sterlings (12055 HDD) for the color of their siding, and from the Sheerans (12015 RBD) for their patio. Both were approved.

General Discussion: There was some discussion about the path to the creek, rebuilding a bridge, and the need for path repairs. Chris Overton said that he would look into the need for path repairs with Fairfax County and share information with us later.

There was also discussion about access to natural gas for our homes. Chris Overton volunteered to explore the costs/conditions for bringing natural gas into the neighborhood.

Leann Lindsey suggested we increase dues to build up a reserve in case there were unexpected expenses. There was further discussion about dues increase. Eric Korsvall motioned to raise the dues to $50 per owner, starting in 2015, and to give the HOA board authorization to put into reserves or operating costs. Chris Williams seconded the motion. There was further discussion, but Monica Snowden referenced the bylaws which state that a special is to be called with at least 45 days notice to all homeowners for this to be approved. The resolution to the discussion was that the board was going to assess the need and provide communication to the association for future dues increase consideration. In addition, the ARB will determine potential compliance issues and relay to the officers of the board.

Election of Board: David Mastervich, Vice President, announced he was stepping down as they will likely be moving within 18 months. David nominated Chris Williams as VP. John Alexander motioned to approve all members of board, with Chris Williams as new VP. Ian Worrell seconded the motion and all in attendance voted in approval. The board consists of Chris Overton-President, Chris Williams-Vice President, Joel Sequeira-Treasurer, and Monica Snowden-Secretary.

ARB changes: Karen Mastervich, ARB member, announced she was also needing to step down. Ian Worrell agreed to serve on the ARB in Karen’s place. The ARB consists of Ben Short-ARB lead, Eric Korsvall, Bill Hicks, and Ian Worrell.

Chris Overton mentioned a concern from Devon Lucie, who could not be at the meeting. Devon is concerned about a nearby dog consistently defecating on his lawn while the owner does not clean up. There was some discussion and unfortunately, it was determined there is no recourse based on our bylaws and covenants and that the issue could only be enforced by Fairfax County.

Monica Snowden thanked all the neighbors at the end of Heather Down cul-de-sac, the Kennedys, Mike McCarroll and Kelly Barker, the Lindseys, and especially the Shorts for graciously hosting the many socials and Labor Day parties.

The meeting adjourned at 8:32pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Monica Snowden
UMHOA Secretary
12033 Heather Down Dr

ATTENDANCE (25 total):
Jas Lidder-12047 HDD
Adina & Ben Short-12054 HDD
Bill & Laura Hicks-12021 HDD
Gabrielle O’Bryan-12000 RBD
Joel Sequeira-12029 HDD
Bev LaCaria-12035 HDD
arie Colton-12009 RBD
Bob Rease-12019 RBD
David & Karen Mastervich-12010 RBD
Ian Worrell-12006 RBD
Stacy Sheeran-12015 RBD
Monica & Scott Snowden-12033 HDD
Mary Roberts-12051 HDD
Chris Overton-12002 RBD
Stephen Yu-1498 CRR
Eric Korsvall-1491 CRR
Chris Williams-12020 RBD
Jeff & Leann Lindsey-12056 HDD
John & Theresa Alexander-120256 HDD

UMHOA 2013 Meeting Minutes – May 22, 2013

For the full meeting minutes, please review the PDF available here.

The meeting began at Monica Snowden’s home at 7:12pm and was led by President, Chris Overton.  He welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. 

Chris reviewed the meeting minutes from the last meeting on May 27th, 2010.  Ed Walker motioned to approve the minutes.  Karen Mastervich seconded the motion and all in attendance were in agreement to approve.

Treasurer’s Report:  Joel handed out and reviewed the finances.  Dues are fully paid by all homeowners for 2012.  For 2013 dues (invoices were just sent in April), many have already paid and some homeowners have not paid.    Chris noted that our expenses continued to be very low and minimal.

Architectural Review Board:  Ben Short reported on behalf of the ARB.  He noted that they had sent letters to all homeowners encouraging spring cleanup and reminding them of common violations.   The ARB team had split up the neighborhood to identify violations.

Neighborhood Directory:  Monica Snowden proposed a new directory format which will be easier to update and publish as people move in and out of our neighborhood.  It’s a simpler Excel format condensed to one or two pages versus the cost of the printed directory of the past.  A suggestion was made for those in the same household but with different last names to list the names separately.  Monica noted that printed copies would be made available once a year.  Chris Overton mentioned the idea of keeping the directory as a shared document such as a google doc.  Access to the directory can be controlled and only certain people having authority to change data.  Monica asked if anyone was able to assist with verifying neighbor info to move on with this project.

Reston Pools update:  Monica updated the group with the latest status of the Reston Pools discount process.  Currently, there are 23 households that have indicated they will buy passes, while we need 29 to all qualify for the discounted amount ($440 for family pool only, vs $590 for non-resident family pool only).

UMHOA Website update:  Monica Snowden and Chris Williams announced that we have the website up and running again after several years in hiatus.  Special thanks to Chris Williams for getting this going!   Currently, the website has the bylaws, officer contact info, Reston Pool info, ARB info, and meeting announcement.  Chris mentioned many useful ideas for the website including:  1)  a template for submitting ARB type change requests or concerns, 2)  setting up email subscriptions for website updates,  3)  neighborhood news, and 4)  possibly access to the directory information (with approved email necessary to access).   Chris and Monica welcomed other suggestions about other items.

Monica reminded everyone about the upcoming summer socials dates and the Labor Day picnic (June 21, July 19th, Aug 16th w/ picnic on Sept 2nd).

The meeting ended at approximately 8:10pm.