UMHOA Meeting Notes for 5/25/16 @ 7pm

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm. Board members present were: Simon Roberts, President; Chris Overton, Treasurer and Leann Lindsey, Secretary. ARB members present were Ian Clark-Worrell, Bill Hicks, and Eric Korsvall.

The members briefly discussed the minutes of the membership meeting and highlighted some of the issues for Simon Roberts, who had not attended the meeting on 10 May.

Other discussions centered on UMHOA documents. The Board/ARB will begin to use a combination of Google Docs and the UMHOA website for the purpose maintaining and distributing relevant documents. Google drive is to be used as storage and will be accessible to Board/ARB members. The UMHOA website will be accessible to general membership.

Ian Clarke-Worrell and Chris Williams will be respective points of contact for for google docs and the UMHOA website.

It was decided that an UMHOA email alias would be useful. Chris Overton agreed to go forward in organizing.

Maintaining and updating the membership information was discussed. Kris Korsvall volunteered to merge the membership spreadsheet on to the google drive and maintain the information. Simon Roberts will coordinate with realtors during the sale of properties to obtain disclosure packages from previous homeowners. Chris Overton will develop a PDF form to obtain relevant UMHOA membership from new owners.

It was agreed that Chris Overton, as Treasurer, and Simon Roberts, as President will co-sign UMHOA checks.

Reminders have been sent to members with outstanding dues. The majority some have been settled. Chris Overton will continue to pursue remaining over dues.

The board agreed to continue the current arrangement for mowing of the common property with the Schifflet brothers.

A draft ballot of the upcoming vote on a dues increase was reviewed and approved, the approved ballot to be added to Googledocs by Eric Korsvall. The board decided to send membership an advance email regarding the ballot before following up with delivery of hard-copies, return ballots to be accepted in either form, by return email or hardcopy. Ian Clark-Worrell, and Eric Korsvall will be points of contact  and move on the voting process forward.

The new ARB is to adopt a set of procedures of its duties and enter them in the Book of Resolutions. It was also decided that a new ARB action book be established and recorded on spreadsheet. ARB members to follow up and report at the next Board meeting.

Spring/Summer member maintenance/cleaning program will be undertaken ARB, Ian Worrell point of contact. A three step process will be used as follows:

  1. CC&R reminders will be sent to membership
  2. ARB will perform inspections
  3. Notifications will be sent

It was noted that, with a few exceptions, the previous maintenance/cleaning inspections found most members in compliance.

Ian Clark-Worrell has contacted Cox/Comcast regarding the safety issues of the service boxes in poor repair on Heather Down Drive. Although the company assured him that the issue would be resolved, no action has been taken so far.  He will follow up the issue by mail.

Chris Overton will continue to try to get an answer to the cost/practicality of natural gas conversion and report back to members.

For future consideration, the possibility of consolidating trash/recycling services for UMHOA was discussed. Kris Korsvall to follow up at the next meeting.

It was decided by the combined boards to adopt a goal to meet quarterly, and that the most workable months for the current boards would be January, May, and October on the third Wednesdays of those months.

The next meeting of the combined UMHOA boards will take place on Wednesday, 19 October 2016, location to be decided.

The meeting adjourned at 9 pm.













The meeting ended at 9 pm.








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