2014 Pool Pass Information

For 2014, the discounted rates are $445 for a family (pool only) membership (vs. the $595 non-discounted non-resident rate) or $475 for family pool and tennis ($625 non-discounted). This is a $5 increase from last year, but that is because the non-resident rates went up by $5 also.

For those of you that have not joined the pool in the past, if you join you will have access to RA’s 15 pools throughout Reston. They all have different features-from an Olympic size pool to great kiddie pools, to diving boards and slides. Check out www.reston.org for more info.

Below is a link for Signup Genius like we did last year so we can track our progress toward the goal for 29 families from our neighborhood. Please indicate your preference about buying passes this year. You can refer back to the link at any point to see how close we are to the goal of 29 families. I’ll keep checking on it, too and once we have met our minimum I will let everyone know. If the signup shows there are 29 families that are planning to purchase passes, it does not guarantee that we meet that number because we rely on families to actually go to RA to purchase the passes. RA will track the passes purchased with the addenda. I ask that you please carefully consider your answer in the signup.



  • Click on the link above for the online signup and indicate your intention, even if it’s a “no” answer.
  • If your intention is to buy the discounted passes, take the attached addendum to the RA office (must have proof of residency showing you live on one of the neighborhood streets-driver’s license, utility bill, etc.). You cannot purchase passes online for the discounted rate-you have to do it in person with the addendum. Go early, before mid-May and beat the rush!
  • Be aware that there is some risk involved in buying passes. If you buy the discounted passes early, and then don’t meet our goal, you may have to surrender passes or pay the full price. The addendum outlines the process, if the goal is not met. In the 4 previous years that we have done this, we have always met the goal.
  • Feel free to pass this on to anyone in our neighborhood that is not on the email list or is new to the neighborhood.


  • This discount is available for those of us that live on in SRA, UMHOA, or NPG homeowner’s associations (RA as deemed our 3 HOAs “Sugarland” as you will see on the addendum). It includes the following streets: Coat Ridge, Heather Down, Forbes Glen, Malvern Hill, North Point Glen, Rosiers Branch, Stuart Ridge, Trossack, & Winding Way. If you know anyone on these streets that is not listed on the email group, please go ahead and send it to them. I know there are some new owners or renters here and there.
  • If the neighborhood has not reached the goal by early July, RA will notify each family to give them the option of paying the difference to continue the membership at the full non-resident price ($595-pool only or $625-pool and tennis) or they can turn in their passes for the remainder of the summer. The options are spelled out in the addendum, so please refer to that for more details or contact me.
  • If you have not purchased passes before, then each member of your family will need to go to RA and have their picture taken. They can go separately if that’s more convenient but the 1st person in household would need to pay and fill out the addendum. If you HAVE purchased passes before, I believe RA can use the pictures from the previous year for this season (but doublecheck with them at the office).

Reston Association Details

Office hours:  M-F  8:30am-5pm, Saturdays starting April 26th-9am-noon.

Address: 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, 20191.

2014 Sugarland Pool Pass FORM

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