Spring Cleaning From The UMHOA ARB

Spring has finally arrived – with a vengeance!  What a great time to do some spring cleaning.  Keeping our homes and yards looking good helps us all enjoy the neighborhood and helps keep our home values high.

Let’s take a look at our own homes and make sure they are meeting the standards of the Union Mill HOA which include the following bi-laws related to upkeep of our properties:

  • Owners shall at all times maintain their property and all appurtenances thereto in good repair and in a state of neat appearance. (Bi-laws section 4).  Appurtenance, by the way, means something subordinate to another, more important thing.  e.g. an accessory on the property. 
  • Flower gardens, shrubs and trees shall be neatly maintained.  All lawn areas shall be kept mowed. (Bi-laws section 4).
  • Trash and garbage containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view except on days of trash collection.  No accumulation or storage of litter, new or used building materials, or trash of any other kind shall be permitted on any lot. (Bi-laws section 7).
  • The exteriors of all structures, including walls, windows, doors and roofs shall be kept in good maintenance and repair. (Bi-laws section 9).
  • No junk vehicles, recreation vehicles, commercial vehicles, trailers, or boats shall be regularly or habitually parked within the neighborhood. (Bi-laws section 13).

Here are some things we have spotted in the neighborhood that don’t comply with our bi-laws.  If you are responsible for any of these, please take action immediately. 

  • Inoperable vehicles located on street or off street for extended periods of time 
  • Abandoned structures or other accessories (kid play equipment) in disrepair
  • Missing shutters
  • Mold growing on houses that is clearly visible from the street
  • Dead leaves and weeds gathered around the house and in the gardens
  • Broken branches scattered and in plies in the yard
  • Trash cans and miscellaneous trash kept in public view
  • Yard equipment kept in public view
  • Building materials stored on the property in public view

These simple things can easily be overlooked when the weather is cold but now that Spring has sprung it’s time to make our neighborhood bloom.  Thanks for doing your part.

Also, as a reminder, if you’re planning any additions, alternations, or exterior improvements to your home please contact the Architectural Review Board Members at least 60 days in advance for review and approval.

Best regards, 

The Union Mill HOA Architectural Review Board 

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